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Current known issues

Postby Grunwaldt » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:39 am

Current known issues: (Updated 28/08/2017)

  • The application doesn't "recall" the settings and configuration unless Windows is set to show the file extensions. Please, turn off the "Hide extensions for known file types", unchecking the corresponding checkbox in the "Folder settings" Windows dialog.
  • Requesting a bank is slower than it should be.
  • Sometimes the program shows the device status as not ready and keeps it like that after cancelling a request.
  • The interface layout looks weird (and mostly unusable) on non-standard Windows DPI settings, any other than 96 DPI. On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 that means you should lower the default 125% text size to 100% which corresponds to a 96 DPI setting. If you're a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 user and found a better work-around please post it in these forums!
  • In some systems the program will make error message windows to pop up reporting errors, this is usually fixed if your current user has administrator privileges in Windows or running the application as an administrator.
  • The help system doesn't work properly on some systems on a new install (which won't happen if you run the self-extracting installer version), it shows the help window but the content panel on the right side displays an Internet Explorer error. This is fixed unblocking and running the help file directly, by double-clicking on the "GXEdit.chm" and let it run for the first time (and clear the checkbox saying "Always ask before opening this file"). It has to do with Internet Explorer and the way Windows blocks downloaded files for safety. In any case running and unblocking the help file manually makes it working thereafter from the application normal calls. (context-sensitive or standard "Help" menu calls)

    Follow these steps to unblock the help file:

    • Locate the file named "GXEdit.chm" in the folder where you extracted the zip file contents. (if your folder settings are hiding the file extensions, just look for a file named "GXEdit" with a yellow question mark on its icon)
    • Double-click on the file.
    • A Windows security window will pop-up and show this:


    • Clear the "Always ask before opening this file" checkbox. (you must uncheck it)
    • Click on the "Open" button in the same window.
    • You should be able to browse the help file contents correctly now, you only need to perform this once. Everything will work normally when opened from the application itself too, after this unblock.

Bugs and issues are being investigated.

If you spot a bug or any kind of problem with the software, please, post it in the appropiate section of these forums. Thanks.

(Updated 28/08/2017)
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