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Mi Gear.

Postby cachupin » Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:46 am


From Chile.

* ibanez RG370 Mod setting, with single coil custom shop fender S-S-S and pickguard mod.

* Crate Head 4 x 12ax7 + 4 x EL84

* Cabinet 1 x 12 celestion V30 (Vox VT50 all electric and chasis removed , I use only a box)

* Xotic BB preamp

* Boss Gx 700 v1.9

* Beringher FCB1010 (no upgrade) I use in stombox setup. pedals 1-5 change program, pedals 6-10 on/off efects , but this a problem, because GX700 have only 4 Control Assign.

I use 4 cable method, problem is bypass suck tone in all configuratión.
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